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Cranfield School of Management has more than 80 full-time academic staff who are actively engaged in consultancy and business relevant research, always close to business and government.  We are dedicated to creating responsible management thinking, improving business performance and inspiring leaders to make a real impact on their organisations.  We are one of Europe’s largest academic centres for applied research and a hotbed of business activity, placing our world-class faculty and doctoral researchers alongside forward-thinking industry leaders, through our vibrant networks of alumni, research collaborations and clubs.  We could not be prouder of where we are today and the incredible people that have been part of our journey.  Now we are delighted to celebrate our 50th anniversary and welcome the Cranfield community to celebrate with us.

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Find out about the latest news and updates about Cranfield School of Management's 50th anniversary activities here.


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  • 50 Faces of Cranfield SoM

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Introducing our celebrations hub...


From the arrival of our new executive talent this September, Cranfield School of Management is hosting a wide range of exciting events and activities throughout 2017 to celebrate our golden anniversary.


You can find out everything you need to know about our celebrations on this site.  You will find a timeline of our proudest moments in history,  memories and stories shared by our valued community, a collection of our vast global achievements, as well as a host of events, activities and incentives that you can get involved in.


We looking forward to celebrating with you.


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Five decades of making a difference, five decades of growing people to become inspiring leaders.




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Discover our history and a timeline of our greatest milestones.




Find out about our global impact and international reach.

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50 Faces of Cranfield SoM


We are delighted to introduce fifty members of the Cranfield community that truly personify the spirit of our School.  We are honoured to be able to include these individuals in our global community.   With so many to choose from, their stories will appear here gradually throughout 2017.

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